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Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes

Here's A Page Strictly For The People That Hell's Henchmen Have Been Inspired By


Frank "The Flame" Barnhill
Frank was the father of many professional wrestlers in the Anniston,Alabama area.Not to mention,he taught Holocaust most of what he learns today!When Frank Barnhill died,wrestling was no longer the same.Frank dedicated his whole life to helping others.Frank will be missed!

Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero
No matter what Chris Benoit supposed to have done,he was still one of the greatest workers to have ever stepped into a wrestling ring.
Eddie was a great worker.Not only could he work in the ring,but he could work with the fans and outside of the ring.Eddie will be terribly missed!VIVA LA RAZA!

Axl "Bumper" Faulkner
On February 8th, 2003 a great man passed away. Axl "Bumper" Faulkner passed away during a match in the ACW of Albertville arena. Axl began wrestling when he was just 13 years old and committed himself to the sport with a passion and dedication few in the sport will ever see again. For the following 13 years Axl brought joy to wrestling fans all over and epitomized the very ideals which drive the sport- FUN and ENTERTAINMENT. Hell's Henchmen's hearts go out to his family, friends, and everyone else who had the priveledge of knowing this amazing man.