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Drew "The Bull" Scott

Hometown: Columbine, Colorado
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 333 lbs
Finisher Move: Sinful Nature, Vertebraker
Drew Scott has learned from some of the world's greatest wrestlers such as Johnny Slaughter, Joseph Slaughter, Kid Khaoz, Supid D. Klown, Damon Taz, Chris Baddstreet, Viper, and Jack Lord.
He's also travelled the south competing at many different levels at many different organizations. To name a few: American Wrestling Elite, Alabama Championship Wrestling, Indy Xtreme Wrestling, and Extreme Outlaw Wrestling.
Drew Scott is the more athletic one of The Hell's Henchmen. While Holocaust's mindset is on destroying, Drew Scott's is one titles and how to win. Drew Scott has defeated some of the best superstars that the southern United States has had to offer him.
Drew Scott was just recently released from lethal lockdown for being involved with the Trench Coat Mafia during the unfortunate Columbine incident. He was released for "good behavior". The first chance he got, he skipped bail, and now he's travelling the U.S. defeating some of the greatest pro wrestlers that will ever step into a wrestling ring.

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